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woumba''' delivers effective multimedia-based online media and excellent audiovisual productions with film and animation. As a partner in various services, we will guide you into the world of online applications, so that you can speed up and simplify your daily business activities. Let us impress you!

woumba''' for Business

Optimize business processes with intelligent online services.

With woumba''' for Business, we advise and support companies in utilizing user-friendly and comprehensive online services. Handle all your business operations online, whether it's e-mails, generating documents, accounting, project management, managing appointments, customer admin... – the applications are virtually unlimited.

As authorized partner to all kinds of providers, such as for example Google Apps for Business, we provide assistance to users who are changing over, give tutorials to employees and offer long-term support.

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One step ahead through multimedia


Demands on websites are constantly increasing. We will create powerful visuals for you, visuals which will score points with your customers, both on mobile devices and on computer screens.

Mobile and Web Applications

Reach users of smartphones, tablets and wearables with apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Web applications can simplify processes and serve as an additional source of income.


Animierte Werbebanner von woumba''' ziehen die Blicke auf sich. Bleiben Sie bei Ihrer Zielgruppe auch online in Erinnerung. Werben Sie professionell, mit hoher Reichweite auf unterschiedlichsten Internetportalen.

Film and Animation

Inspire your customers with high-value film productions, 2D and 3D animations and motion graphics. Exciting stories make your products and services come alive! Excite their emotions!

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Free analysis of your existing website.

Discover where the your current website has the potential for improvement. We will show you the possibilities that the latest technology brings and how you can use this positively for your company. A coordinated online presence allows your user group to be targeted with pinpoint accuracy. Find out about it today.

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